“Content is King.” This phrase has become a mantra repeated over and over again by content creators who know that today’s era is all about content. Content can be anything from website sales copies, page descriptions and blogs to articles, videos or images.
The days are gone when you could create a website and keep it the same forever. With changes in search engine algorithms, the only websites that can survive are the ones who have unique content. To keep up, you need a content management system (CMS) which allows you to update your website content without the help of a developer. That’s where WordPress comes in.
WordPress is a free and open-source content management system based on PHP and MySQL.
The dot H team is highly skilled in WordPress development, and our team makes sure that you don’t need prior knowledge of coding to get your website going. WordPress provides a set of easily customizable themes and extensions that you can easily use to manage your website with content, images and videos. WordPress is built upon PHP, which is one of the most versatile and flexible programming languages in the IT world. Stunning and cutting-edge websites can be created easily by using WordPress development and custom PHP programming.

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Wordpress Development Services

Be it a simple website design, an elaborate e-com platform, customized web portal, a software solutions package or project management support, dotH delivers unmatched ROI

Wordpress Theme Integration

WordPress developers at dot H can design a new WordPress theme for your business, or we can work with existing theme that meets your needs. We know your business is unique and has its own set of needs, so we make sure to design a theme based on your individual business.

Wordpress Plug-in Management

WordPress plugins are uploaded to your website and are used to extend and improve its functionality. WordPress plugins offer all kinds of customization for site admins, and the dot H team can integrate customized plugins based upon what you need for your website.

Wordpress Custom Design Integration

WordPress allows any website design to integrate with its easy customization features. For example, the dot H team can create a new customized design and integrate it with proper navigation features and a custom site structure.

SEO Friendly WordPress development

At dot H, we specialize in creating search engine friendly (SEO) websites. To be successful on the Internet, your business must be easily found. Our developers design your website considering every aspect of SEO when developing page navigation, naming convention, page titles and page description.

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Why dot H?

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We have privileged to work with some privilege of working with some of the prominent names in the industry as well as many exciting entrepreneurial and start-up companies.