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Mobile technology advancements are revolutionizing the e-commerce industry. Being mobile-friendly is no longer icing on the cake, but essential in order to have a thriving business and online presence.

Feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of expanding your mobile platform?

Put our seasoned team to use. We can help you choose the best way to deliver your app.

We mobilize the workspace by providing different platform – based applications to match any industry and its requirements.

Mobile Application Development is a new driving force for businesses, and dot H Solutions provides excellent applications to position your business for new verticals.

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Our Approach

dot H Solutions concentrates on the core of the application to make it compatible with the major mobile platform providers like Android, iPhone, Symbian, Samsung BADA, PALM WebOS, J2ME, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile for business and individual requirements.

We provide services like iPhone Mobile Application Development, Android Mobile Application Development, Symbian Mobile Application Development, App Development, and Palm WebOS Mobile App Development.

We build a blended application that runs on both mobile and web by having our web and mobile development teams work in sync to deliver integrated solutions.


Looking for an elegant mobile design with a pain-free and flawless implementation process?

Check out our custom iOS App Development. We have successfully launched iOS apps for iPhone, iPad, and iWatch with the latest versions and tools.

Your iphone is not the only product that regularly comes out with a new update, our app development services do as well.

We are a company that grows with you and the latest trends in the tech world.

Over half of U.S, smartphone owners are using a Google Android device. If your website is not currently android mobile compatible, it needs to be. You cannot afford to ignore over half of the smartphone market. That is where our team comes in.

Our professional team is skilled in Android App Development. We have launched countless apps for Android phones in various shapes and sizes.